What is LED Light Therapy?

LED (light emitting diode) therapy is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of infrared lights to penetrate deep into the skin and treat different ailments at a cellular level. The skin uses the light as a source of fuel to repair and rejuvenate the skin. The precise wavelengths emitted from the the LEDs are measured in nanometers (nm) and can penetrate the skin at various depths to trigger natural intracellular processes that stimulate wound + tissue repair.

Controlling these wavelengths and the responses your skin stimulates comes down to choosing which colour of LED light is used. LED Light Therapy is pain-free, non-invasive, soothing and is also particularly calming, so you’ll always feel refreshed after each treatment.

 What Does Light Therapy Do?

When used consistently, over time, the benefits of LED light therapy are manifold. To name a few, LED light therapy is mainly noted for the following benefits:

  • Restores damaged cells and tissues 
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production 
  • Increases blood circulation & oxygen flow while releasing toxins
  • Smoothens the skin stimulates the anti-aging response
  • Minimises the appearance of wrinkles and age spots
  • Normalises cellular imbalances and improves skin tone and acne
  • Regulates the skin’s natural oil production 
How Does Light Therapy Work?

LED Light Therapy has been thoroughly tested, evaluated and validated by hundreds of universities, medical labs and has been used in clinical contexts for quite some time. Developed by NASA in the 80's, it was discovered that our skin has the ability to absorb light and was used to speed up astronauts’ tissue healing and repair.

How? The light is absorbed by receptors in the skin and is then sourced as energy to stimulate & trigger a healing response. The receptors in our skin cells respond in the same way to LED light as any other active ingredient such at vitamin C or retinol - replenishing dermal and epidermal cells, essentially boosting action at a cellular level and creating positive changes in skin.

LED light therapy is a new and emerging therapy in the beauty industry that uses the natural healing power of light to accelerate cell biochemical circulation and stimulates the production of collagen among other processes.

 What Types of Light Are There?

Our Advanced 3.0 LED Light Beauty Mask™ harnesses the power of 3 varying wavelengths of light – red, blue, and orange – which acts as a source of energy that can catalyse the renewal of your skin’s tissues. 

As mentioned, each spectrum or colour corresponds to a specific target treatment in your skin. Note that LED lights can render varying biological effects depending on the depths of their penetration. You need to understand what each of these frequencies or LED light colour settings do, in order for you to utilise the one that can better address your skin woes.

Red Light Therapy (Wavelength 620nm - 750nm):

ANTI-AGING & COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS: Red light acts on cells in the skin known as fibroblasts, which play a role in production of collagen, a protein that makes up a large part of connective tissue and helps the skin to recover when it's harmed. So, red light helps to reverse some of the signs related to photo aging in the skin as well as improve elasticity. 

Blue Light Therapy (Wavelength 476nm - 495nm):

ELIMINATE ACNE & REDUCE BREAKOUTS: This has powerful antibacterial properties for the treatment of acne without irritation, reduces oil production, prevents future breakout and offers a UV-free alternative for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. It also assists in removing sun spots, scarring and pigmentation. Blue light also supports irritated skin; soothes and calms the skin whilst promoting cellular turnover .

Orange Light Therapy (Wavelength 590nm - 620nm):

REVITALISES SKIN & RADIANT GLOW: Improves lymphatic function and stimulates circulation. Helps eliminate toxins, replenishes energy and increases the exchange of oxygen within skin cells. Orange light also improves rough wrinkled skin and enhances immunity to give your skin a healthy, toned glow.

 How Long Does Your Treatment Take?
 For first time users, we recommend starting with 2-3 treatment sessions for the first week, and gradually increase the sessions treatments based on your skin’s needs. Otherwise, we recommend a weekly use of 3-5 times a week for the duration of 15-20 minutes.
 When Will I Start Seeing Results?

Depending on how frequently you use your mask, it could take up to 1 to 3 weeks for you to start noticing an improvement in your skin. Everyone reacts differently, depending on their age and the condition of their skin, a course of treatments offers corrective and long-lasting results.
Combine your therapy with your favourite skin cream or facial mask to boost the effectiveness of your daily skin routine. The LED light allows for quicker absorption and deeper skin penetration of creams giving you quicker treatment and longer-lasting results.

 Is LED Light Therapy Safe?

LED light facial therapies are completely safe so long as they are performed properly. Since the spectrum of light does not use UV rays, they are guaranteed harm-free and noninvasive. Compared to other anti-aging treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy... LED light therapy doesn’t cause burns at all. In fact, this procedure has shown no reported side effects during clinical trials. 

 When is LED Light Therapy Treatments Not Recommended?

As a precaution, it is recommend to not use LED Light Treatments prior to consulting with your Doctor if you're:

  • Taking accutane for acne or if you’re experiencing skin rashes
  • Pregnant
  • Under the age of 18 years old
  • Epileptic or seizure prone
  • using thyroid medication or taking steroid/cortisone injections 
 What's Next?

The good thing about LED light therapy is that it is not an invasive procedure, so your skin won’t need recovery time. You can proceed with your usual routine immediately after. 

You might be able to see and feel minimal differences after the first treatment. But as mentioned, the results are progressive and it usually requires a few sessions for the changes to become highly evident. 

Remember, patience is a virtue and discipline is essential to get the most out of your rejuvenating LED Beauty Mask. Say hello to unmasking radiant, healthy even-skin and farewell to expensive trips to your a skin clinic!